January 20, 2011

My creative space.

Note to self:  Never make the mistake of using lovely soft wool blend felt on a doll this cute instead of 100% wool.

You may remember my version of Hop Skip Jump's Poppy Doll I wrote about back in March last year.

Poppy was so well received and loved by her recipient (my niece) that the poor thing went completely bald over the back of her head, and ended up decapitated after 6 months or so.  That's right, she wore down the felt to the scalp!  Poor Poppy.

 Poppy came for a secret "sleep over" to my place, and came away with new hair, a new do, new stuffing, head back on and a new party dress to add to her collection of frocks.   I like the new do, and there are instructions on how to do it are here.

Creative spaces have kicked off again for the year!  See many more talented peeps here.


  1. She's beautiful. What a sweet 'always' softie for your niece. x

  2. What a lovely doll and an excellent make-over too. Lucky niece.

  3. She is so cute!! and beautifully made.

  4. She's beautiful Gretel, i love her. Love Posie


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