July 27, 2010

Now for a name...

A name is what I need for this soft red friend made for a special little someone who has joined our world recently.   Certainly not as cute as the recipient.   The pattern is from this book, which I think is a great resource to have on hand for last minute, quick and simple gifts.  It's one of those books that has easy things to make that will actually be useful!  Any name suggestions?


  1. I love that fabric. Isn't he gorgeous! Bet the bubba's mum loved him...

  2. Stretch....bet you never saw that one coming.

    He/she looks fabulous.

  3. I have no idea why but as soon as I scrolled down to the picture (it was only showing the text in the RSS reader) the name Archie popped into my mind... and stuck! Any good?

  4. We have an old book about a giraffe that ran away from the zoo. The giraffe's name in the book is Jo-Jo. An unusual name for a giraffe, I agree, but I do like it! You have certainly made a cute toy one. :)

  5. I like her reddish maroon color an vote for ruby or garnet.


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