June 16, 2010

Free Stuff I love: Moleskin covers

We are somewhat addicted to moleskin journals in our household, where they seem to multiply every year.  Honestly, we have shelves and drawers full of them, with various contents from wedding plans, to European vacation budgeting, to journalling, list making, ideas for rainy days, business  and crafty jottings, sketches, sermon notes, you name it.  Perhaps these tutorials and inspiration might help us distinguish between them...

1.  Moleskin cover tutorial from Mr. Monkeysuit
2.  Gorgeous notebook cover tutorial from Little Z handmade 
3.  Be inspired by this fabulous paper embroidery at What Katie Does
4.  Downloadable printed cover paper and tutorial at Twig & Thistle
5.  A moleskin from scratch tutorial by Susie Garhemani
6. Free moleskin cover pattern from Keyka Lou 
7.  Fabric covered moleskin tutorial from Wise Craft

I love free stuff.  Have a fantastic day everyone.  


  1. this is great thanks for the links to the tutorials : ]

  2. Hi, thank you so much for featuring my notebook cover. I love the selection you made! (I also put a link back to your blog at my blog) Love, Lisette


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