April 27, 2010

Free Stuff I love.....Cupcake recipes!

OK.  I have to give my little brother credit for finding this one.  How good do these cupcakes look?   Yep, incredible.  AND the recipes are right here at Ming Makes Cupcakes, so why not give 'em a go?  And while you're at it, try the cookies and the savouries too.........Yum,  I'm such a sucker for lemon meringue.


  1. i second that yummy!!!! me & finn well finn really done these last week sooo easy and yum yum yum!!! xx


  2. They look absolutely amazing. I might have to pop to the shop for dessert. Not sure I'm up for cooking any more...

  3. My goodness!
    This won't make any good to my diet, especially because I'm very tempted to bake some of these:-)

  4. i never have been a lemon meringue fan. but. They. Look. DELICIOUS! I'll be bookmarking that for sometime soon, thanks :)

  5. that looks divine! I am needing some new recipes involving lemon......


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