November 26, 2013


Hello friends! It's been a while, yes.  Sorry, it's been a crazy, crazy year, no time or inclination to make much, just too much going on.  I hope you know what I mean. But thought I'd pop in to introduce you to someone I made recently.  It was lovely in the midst of crazy moving house that I was able to get out the machine after several months and have a a go at this little buddy.

Meet Gordon.  He's a donkey I made for a very special little friend of mine who was born a few months ago and he's made from Fiona's adorable book Hop Skip Jump ( I made something else as well here). I think he's very cute, and I think he will make a very honest, loyal friend.  He just has that look about him, don't you think?


Gordon's body and ears are made from recycled charcoal coloured wool blanketing fabric and a printed brushed cotton I picked up a long time ago in an op shop, and his nose is some Doctors Wool Flannel I had in the stash.  The vest (which you can't really see but I entirely screwed up!) is made from an old piece of clothing I'd been meaning to get rid of for ages.  So Gordon is largely made from repurposed materials and I love him!  Such a great pattern, I can't speak highly enough of this lovely book and really look forward to the next opportunity to make something from it.


I hope to have some more time on the machine soon as Christmas is just around the corner and of course I have plans.... wish me luck!

gordon 3

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  1. He's super cute. I have Fiona's book too. love it and have used it lots:)


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